About ICE

ICE is uniquely able to bring benefits to the environment surrounding the Canadian forestry industry. ‘Locking In’ harmful emissions created either through decomposition or burning in place of dead, non-merchantable, waste fibre; allowing for the reforestation of ‘blocked’ hectarage, returning ‘dead zones’ to healthy productive forested ecosystems and sequestering CO2 long into the future while providing a healthy natural habitat for wildlife and important plant species.

Unlike other types of biofuel processing, not a single healthy tree, suitable for preservation or processing, is cut for the purpose of producing ICE Biofuel, ever.

ICE is also the only process able to operate at the scale required to make a difference to the vast emissions created in the forestry sector; mitigating tens of millions of tonnes of CO2e emissions over the lifetime of a single ICE plant.

Our entire supply chain is designed from the ground up to mitigate and eliminate emissions at every stage, from our unique in the industry ‘one touch logistics’ from plant to ship; to our ability to take dead fibre in any condition in the volumes necessary to avoid burning in place, decomposition as well as allowing for wildfire and insect/disease killed forestry to be economically viably reforested; something that was not possible until now.

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